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Online Casinos and their softwares

Posted by Queen!sm on 16 January 2002, at 9:41 a.m., in response to Re: Counting at Online Casino?, posted by Victor on 16 January 2002, at 3:27 a.m.

The key concepts in Online Gambling is the bonus, of course its nice if we can count cards, but most software they shuffle every hand, the exception is Proprietary that pen may get up to 50%. So, even with that, U canít gain much from a pen=50%. However, there arenít many casinos utilize this software. In my experience, (newbie 5wks experience), Global Player is an eg of Proprietary. I used to play all when i stated out, i found "de javu" with Cryptologic software (multiple player), they actually claim that 33% pen, i did count cards + have had some observation on pattern too, even so its not really beneficial

When it comes to Online, my criteria to assess whether to play or not r:
1.Payouts reputation (thereíre no points of having good bonus without being able to cash in)
2.Wagering requirement in order to cashin: u donít want to have your bonus being ďeatenĒ by casinos edge + negative SD. Of course the less wager requirement, the better, but its flexible with the casinos reputation, I m willing to play up to a wager of 12 times bonus
Depending on many factors, whether its single/ multiple deck, dealer stands on s17, DAS, European hole card, surrender etc. Many casinos operate using these software Cryptologic Microgaming (single hand) Boss Media Real Time Gaming, GamblingSoftware, World Gaming Unified Gaming etc

Itís a little bit late, actually its 3.30am here, so Iíd better go to bed. For more info, thereíre a number of websites, including the wizard of odds and Gamasteronline that u can visit for more info



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