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KO w/side?

Posted by Todd on 23 January 2002, at 6:01 p.m.

I'm trying to come up with an extension of KO that side counts aces @ +2, but still keeps them included in the running count at -1. This information could be used to increase IC from .78 to .92, and PE from .55 to .66, while maintaining the a BC of .98, according to the figures given by Richard Reid's BC/PE/IC Count Analyzer ( If I understand these figures right, this would put the KO on par with Hi-Opt II and Omega II with very little additional complexity.
It takes virtually no effort to keep track of aces on your fingers, and the only time you'd have to do any calculations is when insurance or certain play combinations came up, so I'm thinking the slight added complexity might go a long way in returns.
Any comments about this would be great. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this, if it would be possible to incorporate multi-parameter play adjustments for the aces but still use running count KO system(for single deck play), and if so, how?



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