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Re: "Winning in bacarrat"

Posted by Queen!sm on 27 January 2002, at 8:14 p.m., in response to "Winning in bacarrat", posted by Alton on 25 January 2002, at 9:44 p.m.

"In Las Vegas, we can get 10% rebate of loss almost in every main casinos. And in Asia casinos, we can get extract promotion chips up to 0.8% of our original bet. It looks like we can make some profit in bacarrat"

I m not in the position to tell U about 0.5 % edge. However, I can tell u a bit about 10% loss rebate:

1. Ask them clearly the terms + condiitons of this rebate, what is thw maximum amount of rebate that U r entittled to

2. U + a partner will bet on BOTH Banker + Player at the same time, same table, and pretend that u don't know each other) Every hand U BOTH bet, U r expected to lose 0-5% depending on whether the house will have a tie/player or banker.

3. U can see that U'll be entitled to either 5-10% (10%-0 or 10%-5%=5%) from what u bet if U bet on both outcomes silmutaneously.

However, there's usually a limitation of how much the rebate is, how long u have to play. If U both keep betting opposit for many hands, I m sure they'd suspect that. SO bet big that enuf for the rebate amount + play for only a few hands. Then later move on to the next level or "de ja vu" with that in another day

U get the idea. I m not good with explaining.



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