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Re: "Winning in bacarrat"

Posted by John May on 1 February 2002, at 1:19 a.m., in response to Re: "Winning in bacarrat", posted by Alton on 28 January 2002, at 8:40 p.m.

Because the rebate is not pay in every hand, and if we play a couple of hundred hands, all partners' winning and losing hands are just back and forth. The accumulated table commission will exceed 10% of our total loss. So I think that your method is not workable.

It can be if you can make a succession of very small wagers punctuated by one very large one-which given a large enough discrepancy between the wagers is almost the same thing as betting only one hand. This is exactly what you'd do with a count system anyway.

The 0.5% figure is taken from the Tamburin/Rahm book and they did not give specific information about how the figure was calculated-but my guess is that they used a 1-20 spread with their linear system against a game with European-style penetration.

You can do better if you use a non-linear system for determining favourable tie wagers: see BFC for more details.



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