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Edge with 8 decks?

Posted by Victor on 8 February 2002, at 6:47 a.m.


My name is Victor and I'm from Southamerica. I studied electrical engeneering for 3 years, and I'm technically oriented, so counting systems looks a perfect activity for me.
In my contry, Casinos have almost no control over the players. There is such a crowd on and around the tables that is almost impossible to keep track of the faces, and to play attention to the bet spread.
I was looking at different counting systems and got Sage BlackJack simulation software, where I'm testing Hi-Opt II counting system (I bought the manual for the Hi-Opt II).
I have seen lot of stats where Playing efficiency and Betting correlation is shown for different strategies. The soft I use, unfortunatedly does not allow me to try the betting system shown in the manual which looks for previous hands results and the Truecount for deciding to increase or not the bet, so I couldn't see the final result of Hi-Opt II, although it wins when compared to BE alone. I bet according to the true count with a spread of 1 to 10.
As soon as you increase the nunber of decks used, you can see that is more difficult to win, however, the playing efficiency in the tables does not show the "amount of decks" effect, so there must be another variable that shows the final advantage using a given strategy and certain number of decks.
In my country, (in the casio without control), they use 8 decks, No DAS, S17, No surrender, only 1 split, doubling only on 10 and 11. As far as I saw, 8 decks makes life a bit hard, but on the opposite side, they do not control what you do, because I think they are convinced of the fact that 8 decks cannot be beaten.
I'm planing to develop a device that keeps the true count for me, so I have less effort to do. Checking the web, I saw Casey Computer blackJack machine (, which is supposed to be a specially designed device. It claims to keep record of any single card played, with the obvious benefit that such a record could bring to an optimun strategy. At any given time you know how many "2", "3", "A", etc have been dealt, so you could adjust your strategy very well. Now the people that sells it, are not the original programmers, so it is no easy to get precise numbers of its effectivity.
My question are:
1) What is the name of the variable that shows you your vantage (that takes into consideration the strategy used and the amount of decks, rules, etc)???
I read good and bad articles about this computer,
2) Do you have any numbers regarding teh efficiency of this machine, specially playing against 8 decks?
3) If you were allowed to use whatever you want (computers, etc) what strategy would you use?? forget how complicated it is for a human, if you could use a computer for playing, which strategy would you use?? Do you know Casey strategy??

Thanks a lot for your help, and I will looking forward for your answer.




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