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T-Hopper I found a 6 decks game!!!!!

Posted by Victor on 26 February 2002, at 8:57 p.m.

Thanks a lot for the results of your sim with 8 decks.

I'm still developig the strategy which keeps record of any card separatedly. I still feel that the final result will be interesting.

Through this forum, I met a person who knows another casino very near for my city and guess what.... 6 decks!!! plus the following rules:

Split 4 times
(I forgot to ask about surrender)

Much much better, ah???

Now, the point is that I could develope a device that counts, instead of a device that plays, and of course it would be much much more easy to do. I will input -2.-1,0,1 and 2 (if using Hi-OptII) and I will have the device to automatically divide this count by the number of cards left on the shoe, so I will have a very precise true count. (of course that meanwhile, I will keep developing the playing machine)
So, the question is: knowing that by using this counting machine I can keep any type of count regardless of its level and difficulty, what counting system do you suggest me? (Think in terms of maximun win rate regardless of its difficult level), and what side counts will improve this counting system to its best efficiency??

Tī-Hopper, we are much much close to the ideal scene.

The control in this Casino is also very very poor.

They also have a special table with minimum of $100 and maximun of $5000, but this will be usefull in future. Right now, I have these nice $5 dollars tables to start with.

Again, thanks a lot for your help.




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