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Re: T-Hopper I found a 6 decks game!!!!!

Posted by T-Hopper on 28 February 2002, at 12:50 a.m., in response to T-Hopper I found a 6 decks game!!!!!, posted by Victor on 26 February 2002, at 8:57 p.m.

Any machine that can play perfectly could use a similar method for betting. Peter Griffin gave an example of a computer betting system using the count of 10s, aces, and a multi-level count. The Hi-Opt II betting count is one of the best and should get at least 95% of the money to be made from bet variation in any game with 1 or more full decks cut off.

See the previous post "6 Deck Bombshell: Playing Efficiency Is Key" to get an idea of how much can be gained by nearly perfect play in such a game. The system I used in the 8 deck simulations a few days ago is even stronger than the "Dirty 32 + T-H Expert" combined system in that post. It is also very complex and detailed--most strategy files are between 4K and 11K in length; this one is 40K long with a different 10-level count for almost every play on the chart.



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