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there is no "permission" ...

Posted by gehrig on 28 February 2002, at 8:58 a.m., in response to Anoxia and assorted oxygen-deprivation effects, posted by Cyrus on 28 February 2002, at 7:50 a.m.

needed to refer to a national, for profit publication, in which an individual has furnished his identity. if i were to have authored a book or article and included my photo/name/i.d., i would expect that my "anonymity" would have vanished, by my own hand.

i believe that there are some restrictions on printing or reproducing an image of an individual without a written "release". so says a photographer friend. i wonder where the line is drawn between a news photo of a celebrity attending some event and for example a "paparazzi" photo taken over the fence of that same celebrity's residence.

the subject of casino surveillance images being fax'd to s.i.n. neighbors has been bandied about on 21 boards. i question if there can be any "damages" demonstrated by the subject. perhaps the occasional, legal contributor, attorney rose might have an opinion. if the issue would remain in nevada courts, my guess is that the "privileged" aspect of nevada gaming might quash such an action.

and back to your continuing concern over physical effects of anoxia...since you seem to have a compulsive concern.... again, i'd suggest that you avoid those environments where you might become so exposed. the most obvious must be the reduced cabin pressure in commercial jetliner, passenger cabins. this is reality.

a good friend has developed a defect in his heart, such that he is prohibited by his doctors from flying. the origin of his problem was an undiagnosed, lingering (>10 years ?), tooth abcess (!) the damage is done; he's on a heart transplant waiting list and loads of daily medications.

further, "altitude sickness" is a major league concern for infrequent visitors to high altitudes. i was fortunate to be of small service to a german couple in xizang. the lady was experiencing the effects, the numbness in extremities, the headache, the dizziness, the shortness of breath. my landcruiser was flagged down by the frantic fellow on the road between shigatse and tinggri. as a precaution i had on board a couple of ozygen cannisters. without question, the lady would have had serious if not fatal results without oxygen. we were at maybe 4500m. and at least 5 hours from the nearest airport. the current "fix" is immediate airlift to lower elevations. in an area of zero telephones/radios and 10-20 kph driving speeds over the "roads", immediate oxygen is the only "first aid". so i take your concern over oxygen deprivation symptoms, seriously. your ongoing concerns over your health shouldn't be denied, but respected.



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