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Re: T-Hopper I found a 6 decks game!!!!!

Posted by Victor on 3 March 2002, at 4:41 p.m., in response to Re: T-Hopper I found a 6 decks game!!!!!, posted by T-Hopper on 28 February 2002, at 12:50 a.m.

Dear T-Hopper,

I checked the post suggested by you.
In your reply you said:

"....The system I used in the 8 deck simulations a few days ago is even stronger than the "Dirty 32 + T-H Expert"

So you have developed a counting system???
I'm really new in this area, so I didn't know a lot about you, but I'm glad that you give so much importance to the math side of this game.
Now, You say you used a stronger system than the above...
I was not able to find the counting systems mentioned (Dirty 32 and T-H Expert) and neither the one you are using.
In another site you mention that you developed your own simulator...
So, it means that currently, there is no simulator that can evaluate hands (like Sage Black Jack) AND to keep side count of all cards?
As I told you recently, I was contacted by a person who told me about a private casino with 6 deks, DOA, DAS, 4 split, ENHC, insurance from the start of the hand to its end and it looks like it is a much better game than 8 decks, No DAS, 1 split, D on 10 and 11, no surrender, no insurance.

I'm still developing the strategy by evaluating each playing situation using a special counting system for that special situation (like 12 against all dealer possibillities), and I'm obtaining all the numbers, but It will be tough to find the soft to test it... 1)is there such a soft?

2)So, do you share your simulator or sell it?
3)If, not, is there any open source BJ program, that can be purchased?
Instead of developing a whole playing computer, I can develope a counting device, and this is why I asked you wich counting system, with all the side counts needed, you think is the BEST I can use (remember that the count will be kept by the machine, so don't worry about the difficult level of the system).

But It has to be a system that I can obtain... through a book, a site or wherever It can be obtanined... maybe the one developed by you (in its professional version) is the best thing to use or the combination mentioned by you in your last post... 4)but, how do I get it?

Thanks a lot for you help.




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