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one thing that's of concern...

Posted by gehrig on 3 March 2002, at 8:09 p.m., in response to Re: naw, soon as they get things..., posted by Clarke Cant on 1 March 2002, at 9:33 a.m.

the current dalai lama has a *problem* in his belly. and, a friend, zopa rinpoche, is ailing with diabetes.

i recall hanging out with a tibetan pharmacist/doctor at a monastery east of kathmandu. ailing people would come to his "shop", a blanket spread on the earth in the monastery courtyard. the blanket had about 30 various dried plants, herbs, minerals, bark, whatever, from which he'd prepare a "prescription". this only after carefully listening to the patients' complaints. the payment was usually a bit of dried fruit or in coin, <1rupee nepalese.

one thing that i can't explain is that in bodh gaya (no. india, where buddha became buddha), i was given a string to wear about my neck by a doctor/lama on a pilgrimage. he said that as long as i wore it, i would not be sick. six months of washing around it, i no longer got the usual westerner affectations, despite filthy water, open air market food, flea bites from sleeping accomodations, and so forth.



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