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Why I hold you in such high esteam

Posted by Clarke Cant on 5 March 2002, at 4:43 a.m., in response to one thing that's of concern..., posted by gehrig on 3 March 2002, at 8:09 p.m.

Too many people would deny that you missed out on such illnesses just because they could not explain them. It is afterall the fundamental randomness of an electron and the need the universe has to isolate probabilities that keeps the electron in orbit. That is one example of bounded randomness keeping stuff stuff. You found another and did not try to explain away the results.

You have the noted ability to not slice off areas of reality where the sigma of the strangeness of results tends to match peoples hat sizes in general. But you also are one that realizes where the conventional map ends does not mean that the irrational map begins. The map that begins is just an UNconventional one, NOT an irrational one. The map beyond the regular map is just as subject to math and statistics as the more normal one.

The noted fictional laugher, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, called it the "not my problem field." And it tends to really work that way in real life. Perhaps John Patrick and others are just shamans that cannot explain what they do and confuse cause and effect, where their poor playing advice is just not the cause, and some of their other stuff that they write about is the actual cause.

Perhaps this should be moved to the voodoo page, so perhaps you should answer there and perhaps comment on what the Tibetians shared with you about technologoes they kept hidden, that they hid, not in terms of the old new age saw, "society is not enlightened enough to release these things," but in terms of the reality: they won't make the proper batteries for these things for another 100 years according to our remote viewing type exporations.



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