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Ken Uston and drugs

Posted by Leroy Nimka on 8 April 2002, at 4:07 p.m., in response to Cyrus - Speaking of Leary (and Uston)... , posted by The Grifter on 8 April 2002, at 11:26 a.m.

Early in the first chapter of Ken Uston on Blackjack, he wrote:

When that "trip" as we call them, was over, I took a long vacation. I went to Newport Beach and for five months did absolutely nothing other than run on the beach, party and relax, or, as they said in those days, enjoy "sex, drugs, and rock and roll". Of course, that didn't apply to me - I like jazz.

Does that prove anything? I don't know. Make what you will of it.

Leroy Nimkagopher



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