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blackjack variations with count

Posted by Mathew Sunderland on 13 August 2002, at 9:51 p.m.

I play blackjack at a casino in New Zealand where no hole card is taken and 6 decks used. I was faced with a situation recently of having a 15 vs. dealer's 10 with a maximum bet out. The true count was plus 5 and I knew the variation on basic strategy says I should stand. BUT given I was at third base and the next card from the shoe would either go to me or the dealer I knew if it were a high card I'd lose whatever I did. My only chance of winning was if it were a small card. With that in mind, should I always hit in that situation? Is there a difference in the basic strategy variation for sitting at 3rd base when no hole card is taken?

Mathew Sunderland



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