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an apparent progression is one of the...

Posted by gehrig on 18 August 2002, at 11:56 a.m., in response to Re: another Q from the flipside, posted by Michael Dalton on 18 August 2002, at 10:04 a.m.

few effective masks for increasing wagers as the count increases...for long term, continued access to play. certain acts can get away with jumps in wagers, increases from the pile rather than parlays, but those moves wear thin. particularly if the player is winning and if the player seems to make proper close decision strategy or insurance plays.

the mechanical, structured, bet variations, jumps to multiple hands, enable all but the comatose viewer to spot a card counter. i suspect that these moves are not lost on the bulk of surveillance/game protection staff. the only issue is to estimate the player's skill level...harmless to threatening.

it is pompous indeed to assume that these many wannabe card counters are for some reason, intellectually superior to the average pitstiff. and since 99% of "advantaged" blackjack "secrets" are sold by former players in book or newsletter form, eveybody has access. several of my darkside friends openly comment on new books.



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