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Re: Opportunity in original bets rule with no hole card

Posted by Clarke Cant on 21 August 2002, at 4:32 p.m., in response to Opportunity in original bets rule with no hole card, posted by Clarke Cant on 20 August 2002, at 9:46 a.m.

Most no hole card places allow rider betting, and the lose only original bet to a dealer natural restores being able to ride against aces and tens.

A russian emailer detailed telling this to a PB in the Raiijin casino in North Korea. Except the pit then mistook him to mean only losing the original bet against dealer aces and tens. And then the PB got further confussed, seeing the player race around to place rider bets around the pit, when the dealer had an ace or ten up, such that he had the dealers treat the original bet only, and not the rider's bet, as the original bet.

So unless the rider was the original bettor, for making a pair split, and having a bust hand, he was clear against aces and tens.

He had guts trying this in the DPRK!



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