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Re: any jobs for card counters?

Posted by ccounter on 24 August 2002, at 10:23 p.m., in response to Re: any jobs for card counters? , posted by Robbie on 24 August 2002, at 1:33 p.m.

that 1.5 time is not 1.5 times the minimum....Table minimum has nothing to do with this 1.5 unit....I could play at a 10 dollar table minimum and my real play unit be 50 bucks. which means I would be betting 10, 75 and 100 dollars...very structured..but if your table minimum is 10 and you your real play unit is 200, then you would be betting 10, 300 and 400 ..easy to draw attention specially if you are quiet and maby a bit tense and are not speaking a word with anyone at the table...but I saw a man doing it at a table and he would jump back and forth from 10 to 300 and back to 10 and back to 250 and....and he cashed in 2gs...and nobody was really paying any attention to him...(by the way he wasnt counting the cards..I was watching him...)...



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