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what is a running count

Posted by jeff on 14 September 2002, at 10:23 a.m.

Dear sirs,
I was at your site today trying to learn about card counting. I'm trying to determine if you are supposed to keep the running count even after each round of blackjack. Or does it reset it'self after each round?

Example: my running count is +3 after round #1. Then at the end of round # 2, I have a round with -3. Do I add these two together to get a neutral zero? In other words does the running count continue all the way throughout the game till the end when the deck gets reshuffled? Then after each round we add them to the next round?
Or do we only count on per round basis?Example: This round is -1 dont bet high, next round we start at 0 and at the end of round #2 it becomes+3 and then we bet higher. I'm confused... Can you please help me?

Sincerly; Jeff m.



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