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Choosing a counting system for Single deck

Posted by aoko on 28 October 2002, at 1:44 p.m.

Couple of months back I started doing lot of research on net and read lot of books to pick a counting system for single deck. Since Playing strategy for single deck is important I chose to go with AO11 and bought "Balckjack for Blood" by Bryce carlson. Practised AO11 for a month with just Ill 18 indices before hitting casinos in Reno.

I am a red chipper with spreads of 1-3 or 1-4. I didn't do any Ace side counts
and I expereinced I was bit slow in TC conversion for playing strategy.I was up 60 units after playing for 12 hours last weekend.

Recently I came across Using their Blackjack Counting Results Calculator for EV and SCORE I stumbled upon this.

GAme conditions: Single deck, H17 DOA, Penetration 35/52,Spread 1-3

1)Hi-Low with Ill 18 -- EV:1.03% SCORE:60.30(for 10K bankroll I beleive)
2)KO preffered: EV:1.03% SCORE:61.58
3)AO11 with Ill 18 -- EV:1.02% SCORE:62.92
4)AO11 with full indices
with Ace side count -- EV:1.40% SCORE:112.92

Finally assume that I play for about 100 hours with a trip to Reno every month.
There is a good chance I can do (2) without any errors , (3) with some errors
and I don't think I can remember all the 180 odd indices and use them effectively in present casino conditions.

Since I am a red chipper extra gains in using (4) over (2) will be in cents.
My confusion led to the fact that every where I read KO is not good for single deck and either A011 or H011 are good for single/double decks. But It's damn difficult to chat with PC and dealer while playing withb AO11 and I am pretty
confident I can do that with KO.

To the experts out there which one should I choose?
A011 which has better gains or KO which is easy to implement in casinos?




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