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wonging out is half the pie.

Posted by gehrig on 4 November 2002, at 9:30 a.m., in response to Thanks for the advice, posted by Calib Vincent on 4 November 2002, at 12:16 a.m.

some of the best counters i've seen have cute mechanisms for wonging out. wonging in, id est, standing in the aisle eyeballing a couple of tables, is obvious to all, even the cigarette butt wrangler. i've seen beverage servers innocently brush against such loiterers.

better would be to employ a competent flat betting, card counter, perhaps a wahini friend who would signal you onto the ever decreasing games with mid-deck/shoe entry. that'd be kinda like a junior version of "big player". it works in the real world today, from the team level on down to acquainted pairs of players. a corollary to this is that since surveillance has the ability to follow a patron to the furthest perimeters of the property, all contact/interaction with your confederate must be avoided, even eye contact, while on affiliated properties.

the latest player tracking and player evaluation applications on board the thick rug joints are accessed by surveillance. theses files are easily cross referenced so as to expose common denominators between suspected team members, be they advantage players or cheaters. the most noted example of that was the exposure of the former gcb agent who installed his doctored chips in video poker machines while verifying the machines for gaming control. one jackpot winner was traced to his apartment address, as a roommate. that bad move cost him a stretch.



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