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Re: yes and no...

Posted by gehrig on 9 January 2003, at 7:29 p.m., in response to Re: yes and no..., posted by Eulenspiegel on 9 January 2003, at 2:32 p.m.

hey fritz, you apparently are not familiar with the sellers of patently defective 21 systems. these fellows, from the several seminars (free) i've attended, may very well out-peddle the "approved" authorities insofar as book/tape/system royalties. often at the conclusion of such seminars, the attendees line up to purchase the associated tapes and text. a corollary to that, i'm continually amazed by the apparent contradiction between these authorities' claims to the ability of their systems to "beat the casinos" while they enjoy complimentary use of these same "attack-ee" casinos premises for the taping. the white turtle necked lad even has the joint furnishing the dealer.

size 2 hat posters often wail about certain 21 adepts "crossing over" to the "black hat" side (no, they aren't tibetan). i got news for these lads, most all "white hats" have at one time or another engaged in business, consultation, or actual employment with casino licensees or game developers. i recall the bj attack series author adulating the then recently deceased head of mgm as some wonderful icon in the industry. this "icon" was the head of the serpent who ultimately directed all these casino countermeasures we've come to enjoy. of course, the same "authority" often cursed in messages and chats, the casino underlings/pitstiffs for carrying out the ceo's directions. what's wrong with this picture ?

as to surveillance agents not earning any significant bucks, that's a fact. are you suggesting that these agents "moonlight" ? sunlight might be better since surveillance rooms are fully staffed evenings with fewer agents on duty days. in either case, such employees would be less than honorable to divulge the extent of the property's assets. in the same vein, i wouldn't respect a pitstiff who didn't turn all the knobs to protect a game from skilled attack, to the extent of it's abilities. simply the successful player must be more skilled.

as to a relative ranking of all those who earn a living from the 21 "cosa", my money's on the beverage servers at high end joints. that so, since they earn the tips day in and day out, not just when the 21 team's in town. and, those pitstiffs who actually monitor the games, rarely make much over a couple hundred bucks a shift. i wouldn't consider upper casino management such as shift/casino bosses, as being primarily involved with 21.



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