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cheating ?

Posted by gehrig on 10 January 2003, at 10:53 p.m., in response to card counting, posted by 14U on 8 January 2003, at 5:45 a.m.

because the large majority of 21 players, at least those with whom i've shared a table with since the 60's, play so poorly, the casinos need not "cheat". though the basic strategy game often has a player disadvantage of less than 1%, most casinos "hold" well over 15%. in fact if a joint doesn't hold at least 15%, there *is* cheating...usually internal/employee theft, rarely a cheating player/team of cheaters.

perhaps you would extend your "fact" concerning cheating to other casino games. after all, why would a licensee (read, a las vegas licensee who has millions at stake were the license to be suspened), not "cheat" at *all* games ? perhaps the licensee should gaff the keno machine, since the game "only" holds 30 or so per cent. easier would be to use gaffed dice, or maybe the joint could add one of those gaffed royal chips that were uncovered most of ten years back in a certain video poker slot manufacturer's machines.

when the venetian opened, if memory serves, the operating expenses/debt load/interest was way over a million a day. a suspension of one day for any licensee involvement in cheating a patron would exceed the total action of all the 21 tables for quite a number of days.

then why would the casino licensee restrict himself to cheating at the games ? since today, hotel/casino revenues are now over 65% from non-gaming sources, why wouldn't these same fellows "cheat" elsewhere ? water down the booze ? beat up some flank steak and call it prime rib? scrape uneaten food off diners' plates and serve it in the employee cafeteria? steal stereos from guests cars while in the valet? capture and resell to arab terrorist groups, guests' identities or credit card numbers ? the possibilities to steal from a patron or employee are legion indeed and if you are armed with "facts" should not be limited to twisting a few extra dollars from only 21 tables.



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