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Enfer et damnation

Posted by Eulenspiegel on 11 January 2003, at 3:53 a.m., in response to Re: yes and no..., posted by gehrig on 9 January 2003, at 7:29 p.m.

hey fritz,

Name's Till, you goat.

you apparently are not familiar with the sellers of patently defective 21 systems.

Ain't I now. But I make a distinction between experts and 'experts'. Unless they're all 'experts' in your eyes. And/or unless you suggest that the experts are all selling crap to the masses, which I dispute.

as to surveillance agents not earning any significant bucks, that's a fact. are you suggesting that these agents "moonlight" ? sunlight might be better

The surveillance folks I have known do work mostly under the moon's silvery and benign gaze but things can get done en plein soleil as well. During a hearing few months ago, a naive MP suggested that physical checks will be enforced 24/7 in port X because this is where the smuggling is done. I nodded vigorously in agreement, as they say. Poor chap never heard of paper routes. Were you thinking strictly of casino surveillance?




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