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Posted by Eulenspiegel on 16 January 2003, at 6:13 a.m., in response to "experts"..., posted by gehrig on 11 January 2003, at 10:21 a.m.

the issue is one of earning money at this 21 thing, isn't it ? or is there some "expert" appellation that depends on results other than revenue ?

Yes, revenue other than coming from playing 21.

I would say that E. O Thorp, to put this to rest, would qualify as an expert, even if he had not played a single round of 21 before putting out "Beat the Dealer" or since!

I would also say that lotsa folks walk this Earth without depending on 21 for their income, folks that surely qualify as experts even though serious play is a thing of the past for 'em, however distant.

granted i and perhaps many early counterazzi did pursue the game merely as mental gymnastics.

There, see?

the term "surveillance agent" is correctly applied to the casino industry. perhaps you wish to spin the board's direction to rent-a-cop theft at a 7-11 franchise.

What happened to the worldly affectations? The sense of malapropism? Humor is outta the question, I know. But shouldn't the legs fo first?



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