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Re: Casino Countermeasures

 Posted by frotter on 8 November 1998, at 11:54 a.m. , in response to Casino Countermeasures , posted by Michael Dalton on 6 October 1998, at 7:04 p.m.



Below is a copy of a post I did to


Blackjack Survey Voice (see BJ-Forum Arcticle) is a program used by the higher end casinos to catch card counters. It has a voice input and uses a Patented (I believe) Algorythm that shows the exact advantage. The program runs over $20,000 so only the high action places should have it. The only other program I'm aware of is BJ-Tracker. It is inexspensive and a lot of casinos have it. But, it requires hand input and does not account for operator error which is quite possible on crowded games. It does tell the user what count system is most likely used and this program does think like a human (although I believe there is a flaw and if anyone knows it I would appreciate it greatly)


I have recently obtained a copy of the promo video for Blackjack Survey Voice. They are selling the casinos on the fact that they can calculate VERY accurate comp levels.


I also read an article somewhere about Griffin's database. It is named Centurion and seperates each individual on a count, cheat or other type of game status. The count section also has listings for group players (MIT, Hyland etc.). All sections include a group function which will show who a certain person has been playing or seen with. I attempted to obtain a copy of this program without success.



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