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Re: Watching the Counters

 Posted by Coffee on 14 December 1998, at 2:49 p.m. , in response to Re: Watching the Counters , posted by Michael Dalton on 11 December 1998, at 9:42 p.m.



Only time I talked to a fellow counter was about 6 mos. ago at CC, playing sd. He was in his 20's, kept moaning and groaning about the lousy hands he was getting (true). Then I noticed he was spreading to 2 hands at high counts, maxing his bets on each hand. When the count dropped, he would go back to 1 hand at minimum (red chip). I was playing green, spreading 1-4. I was having a phenomenal streak, and walked off the table with over $2,000, on a $300 buy-in. He, on the other hand, could not make a hand to save his life, even in the extremely high counts. And he never stopped complaining. It's real strange how the cards fall sometimes. Believe me, I've been in his shoes many times.


Afterwards, I was playing the megabucks machine and he sat next to me. I asked him if he counted, and he said yes. We spent the next 15 minutes chatting about the stupid plays some of the other players had made, how if they would just make an effort to learn bs, they would be much better players, etc. It was pleasant talking shop with another counter. BTW, he walked off the table a loser!


Another time at the HS, I played with these 2 young college students, one caucasion and another oriental. They were betting red, spreading 1-10, no cover at all, and so obviously and blatently counting. After about 1/2 hour, the pb came over to the discard tray, picked up the discards, and slowly and methodically went through the cards. Both left the table on the next hand, with about $100 in winnings. Nobody paid any attention to me after they left, and I was betting green. It made me feel good that my cover was good enough not to elicit any heat.





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