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To M. Dalton and serious users.

Posted by Robert on 15 May 1998, at 5:29 p.m.

First, I want to thanks Bootlegger and T-Hopper for their show of goodwill; it is appreciated.

Second, thanks to JJ for his support; sometime it is needed.

Third, thanks to M. Dalton for giving opportunity to "put up" without being erased.


Could it be possible for the dummies like karpov, using fake name/handle, to get their ass back to the open/misc. board instead of coming here to insult me? You ask for "put up" and will have it in time; so stop insulting me little head cause it simply show that:

A) you give importance to me


B) you are an idiot

In both case, you lose; so shut up and and let me "put up" with method and order like I have begin in my two "meaningful" post titled BACCARAT CHALLENGE.




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