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My 2 cents on progressions and discipline

Posted by Dr. Jack on 17 May 1998, at 1:08 a.m.

Casinos would all be forced to close if betting more when winning and less when losing had any effect. I would not need to work if I could win any gambling game using these techniques. Don't tell me discipline makes the difference because it is only a tool to avoid losing more on bad runs A deck of cards has no memory as to whether you have won or lost the past 2, 5 or 500 hands in a row.

Using a counting system one may make intelligent and prudent descisions regarding when to bet more and when to vary playing descisions ( like standing on 16 vs. 10) based on the remaining composition of the deck. This does work ! That is why games are mostly 6 decks these days, as counting is so effective in 1 deck games casinos have moved away from them.

Robert has pointed out before why should he bother counting cards when a counter may lose a lot one night, while a jackass next to him playing extremely poorly might win a fortune. Well, let me ask you, if they played together for 10 days and nights and you, the reader, were absolutely forced to bet all you have on who would win more or lose less, who would you pick?



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