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Re: Why the multiple aliases Robert?

Posted by Robert on 18 May 1998, at 7:45 p.m., in response to Why the multiple aliases Robert?, posted by Green Baize Vampire on 18 May 1998, at 3:35 p.m.

Dear jmay/GBV:

This is what hurt me the most:

Others people post stupidity, break my credibility and it pass on me. I always post "Robert". I think that my two post titled BACCARAT CHALLENGE were legit and ok; now look at what they draw and conclude...

And that's why I surrender; why should I continue post?

Idiots are ridiculising me (I made exception of T-hop, bisser, bootleg, Dalton and JJ here); These idiots are the problem here. Guy like Karpov take time to post "ahhhaaaaaa, you are idiot" (see below). What the hell is this if not crap? I'm smart enough to go away of this board...

If you are honest, you know I'm right on this; so why the idiots are "protected" by guy like you coming here to accuse me even more???




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