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I agree with Robert...

Posted by Michael Dalton on 19 May 1998, at 9:26 a.m., in response to Re: Why the multiple aliases Robert?, posted by Robert on 18 May 1998, at 7:45 p.m.

I agree with you Robert! No one should ridicule you, or anyone who has similar ideas, on this site. I and others may disagree with you very strongly and hope that someday you will realize that what we say is 100% accurate.

However, if you feel very strongly in what you believe, you must know by now, that you will take ridicule from many people -- especially if you cannot back up your words with proof.

You have asked us to have patience yet you don't tell us how long to wait. Should we wait a few days or a few years? You see, many of the posters on this site already know and anticipate that there is nothing you can say that will prove your method, whatever method that might be. But that is no excuse for calling you names!

There is no ridicule in being proven "wrong". There is only ridicule if you don't grow from the experience. I have been proven wrong many a time and each time I grow from the experience. The first thing I do is admit it to myself, then I tell everyone I know about how wrong I was. Only after doing this do you earn respect from others.

Tell us your system (if indeed you have one) when you find the time is right. If not today then tomorrow or next month. We will still be here!



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