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The system (and bye)

Posted by Robert on 19 May 1998, at 10:59 a.m.

Here is the system on his general form; don't ask questions I will not answer; I quit.

Each shoe is a new sample; no play related to preceding one.

I'm looking at short-term trend in the shoe.

I play only banker/player, flat betting all the time.

The expected net edge is between -1.25% and up to 20% depending how good you are at identifying the trends.

It require lot of practice, huge control of your emotions/greed to win. Money management is critical cause some shoe are just don't holding any trend; so you must quit a loser. Discipline is required to maintain practice and good playing habits. It is though to win but probably less than BJ counting; I did both I can compare.

I plan to play this method all summer long. I will drop here in september with my total results. I expect a net edge of at least 4%. When I report the numbers will be clear; hope that someone will be honest enough to calculate an honest likelyhood; you could be shock...

Let me tell you that AS A GROUP you suck hard; this is not a way of being to learn new things... Too much idiots have access here; they don't add anything; I do; sorry I mean I did...

I have no aliases: I'm myself and nobody else; shame on you.




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