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Re: Scared of Ideas?

Posted by soma on 20 May 1998, at 8:47 p.m., in response to Re: Scared of Ideas?, posted by JJ on 20 May 1998, at 10:55 a.m.

Hi there, JJ

You wrote, 'The game of BJ cannot be conquered with math or science alone.'

This is a great leap forward from the previous trend. I had thought you intended only to show that your method is a superior WINNING method to card-counting. But this appears not so! Your comment puts card-counting (a math and science alone method) into the LOSING category. Only an exceedingly knowledgeable, card-counting expert could fairly make such a bold declaration in the face of so much contrary expert opinion.

Your method, in some way, uses human qualities to advantage. Please consider for a moment the other half of the BJ proposition, namely the CASINO. What comparable qualities, emotions or feelings do you believe they demonstrate? In my opinion and experience, none. They have the math advantage against most players and beat them while remaining devoid of the least emotion. Now, maybe your MOOD method is a way of winning despite the casino's cold, clinical math advantage.

I want to make this point: Once a card counter has gained the math advantage, the usual roles are reversed. The card counter is in the position the casino normally holds. By example, therefore, he should adopt the same cold, clinical, unemotional stance of the casino.

For their part, the casino should also realise that the roles are now reversed. They should get with the mood of the moment and become paranoid, panic-stricken, angry, sad, irrational. In my opinion and experience, they do!

Best regards,




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