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Re: Scared of Ideas?

Posted by JJ on 21 May 1998, at 12:38 p.m., in response to Re: Scared of Ideas?, posted by soma on 20 May 1998, at 8:47 p.m.

Hi Soma

Good to hear from you again friend. I thought you moved up from "down under".

I do not know what I have said that made you think that I had a superior winning method or system compared with anything else. I do not have that kind of thinking or position. I always battle with myself to function properly and BJ is the game that reminds me where I need to make the improvements needed. Unfortunately, I am far from perfection, but I'm trying hard! Anyway, I regard that kind of thinking, abundantly in evidence in many posts (especially in the counting subculture), is counter to winning. That is even true of the successful counters. And, you know, they are indeed very rare breed to find. But then there are plenty of internet anonymous pretenders, and the intolerant, and the limited.

But your understanding of my point in "using human qualities" is right. My real life experience is in BJ may have led me in different direction of development than yours. I respect you for that and most probably I could learn something such as HOW YOU DO IT and what are your RESULTS. I believe in what you say in your post.

Your comparing the CASINO advantage based on math against most players is true indeed. My point is that most players fail before attaining the proficiency of limiting the odds by counting due mainly for the other reasons of the lack of human qualities. I have elaborately given the example of how rare, in a given sample of population is the VIRTUOSO, like the perfect player. At best, the perfect player (no such thing in real life, only on the internet and in the minds of the limited) can reduce the odds against him by 1.5%! Now what are you really left with to work other than the qualities of CC&C.

You are right when you say that "the counter (I say the player) should adopt the same cold, clinical, unemotional stance of the casino."

However, when you conclude "the casino should also realise that the roles are now reversed. They should get with the mood of the moment and become paranoid, panic-stricken, angry, sad, irrational. In my opinion and experience, they do!" The question I have to you HOW OFTEN YOU THINK THEY DO? In my 38 years experience of BJ gaming, I have not witnessed one such incident where the perfect player (you call it a counter) made the casino throw him out! If you have caused that to the casino more power to you SOMA. You need to teach me HOW YOU HAVE DONE IT! I am a student and ready to learn and simulate your example. Good to see you again.

Best Regards




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