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WINNING AT BJ - Chapter 3

Posted by JJ on 24 May 1998, at 7:16 p.m.



Contrary to what you hear, the reason most BJ players lose or end up as losers is mainly because they do not have a well defined goal or purpose, a strategy, lack what it takes to implement the strategy in a given or required timeframe.

Why is it that so many players are losers? Some answers would be that they are playing the game with the notion that they know a system that will help them to win. Another group of players they are not serious about the game to learn all that is required and takes to win. Then there are many who do not know or comprehend the complexity and the overwhelming odds against any player who does not work at it to learn the skills, develop the goals, the strategy, overcome personal shortcomings to get ready to have a decent chance to make it against the odds.

It is the same in the stock market. "Buy low and sell high" is the simple advice. As in BJ the "goal is winning" but such simplistic slogans and systems such as counting (now popularized after the Rainman) serve just hooks to catch the simpleton. Recently, a counter who teaches counting and sells counting systems admitted that 99% of these people end up as failures. In my opinion the percentage may be even higher. Winning does not come by playing systems (any system) unless you cover all the bases required and are IN CHARGE to run your play. Is it not the same in life or running a business?

Withou a goal and impl;ementation of a strategy, the player gets trapped into an unending roller-coaster and since he is not equipped and prepared for all the ramifications of the game, he violates all the principles that may be used to his advantage. He overstays and accepts to place himself in vulnerable position until fatigue (physical and mental) blur his judgement and most of the time the game ends against his general expectations of the "goal is winning".

The casino has none of the problems that the player is faced with. 1. The rules of the game are made in favor of the casino. The player without a plan and strategy to guide him is in no position to win except by great luck. Of course that happens but rarely and the player's conclusion would probably be that his system was the reason.

2.The casino is business that is fully organized to make money based on the fact that most of the players are not prepared for the game and it is only a question of time for the player to drop his funds before he departs. For this reason casinos operate 24 hours until some of the players get dead tired or exhausted from playing until their last dollar. Casinos have all the time. Players have limited time.

3.The casinos have almost unlimited funds and are not concerned about players whatever they may do. Players have limited funds and most prolonged and continuous gaming would end in their favor.

Knowing the above facts will not help if the player does not have a goal, strategy, strong personal qualities and reasonable timeframes to counter the formidable advantage of the casinos.

In our analogy of the Driver (Player), in Chapter 1, of the Vehicle (BJ) on the Road, I pointed out that without a destination and planned effort to reach that destination by using strategy and personal qualities and skills, it would be impossible to achieve much except by great luck.

For success in playing the game, there is no substitute to the preparation required. No other one thing, system, shortcut, gimmick or secret math formula will help. Now imagine a highway that has no signs. Add on it the fact that you have no destination in mind. No information as to the safe speed on curves, nothing on hazardous conditions, no signs on exits, no location of nearby towns, etc. I hope you get the idea. The chances of reaching a destination (no destination in plan anyway!), any destination... is almost nil. Prolonged and excessive playing times would not help you to make it in this game contrary to what counting "experts" say. The absence of a plan will surely make a player play into the hands of casinos. They need suckers like card counters without a purpose of winning.

Let us briefly consider the elements of the PLAN:

GOALS: these are needed in the game (like signs) to establish clear cut boundaries for acceptable losses, moving from one table to the other, changing casinos if necessary and establish goals for action based on real time results from the table action. Goals must be realistic and geared to reasonable and realistic expectations and not based on dreams of going for "the kill".

STRATEGY: defined in the dictionary as the science and the art of military command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of large-scale combat operations. My definition is strategy is the science and art of the efficient and effective use of resources (financial and personal) and skills to gain realistic and steady results withing the parameters of the BJ game in the casino environment. Comparing strategy and tactics, strategy deals with the more important decisions that a player must consider and make prior to his gaming activities based on his own experience and history of results. Before a strategy is developed, one needs to take into account the following:

1. Available financial and personal resources 2. State or condition of those resources 3. Enemy's capabilities and intentions 4. Timeframe and limiting factors to consider for implementing plan




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