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Re: Who has taken over gehrig's posts and mind?

Posted by gehrig on 25 May 1998, at 12:32 a.m., in response to Who has taken over gehrig's posts and mind?, posted by Lefty on 24 May 1998, at 11:29 p.m.

still here... though i've tried the trek experience a half dozen times, i keep getting returned to time present. the intro tape has picard suggesting that the guest crew may not return. seems i keep throwing boxcars, by coming back. worse yet, on return, i'm part of the contingent attempting to get a straight answer from phony robert. kinda like trying to elicit a direct answer from a used car salesman. "is this a good car ?"/"this car was bought new." "how many miles per gallon will this car get ?"/"notice the clean floor mats." "was this car ever in a wreck ?"/"how much money can you put down ?" "isn't the price kinda high ?"/"if i don't sell a car today, the boss is going to fire me." "can i call the former owner ?"/ "did you notice the clean floor mats ?"



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