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Posted by JJ on 13 May 1998, at 6:50 p.m.



The most important ingredient in the recipe for winning is what you bring to the game of BJ by way of your preparation on the qualities that can make you a winner. Even though I have very limited reading of BJ books and literature, I have been disappointed with where the stress has been placed for winning. Unfortunately, BS or the use of any system in vacuum creates the impression and the conclusion by the inexperienced player that his losses were caused by playing the game wrong or the dealer was lucky. And, I know this by extensive exposure to thousands of players that invariably they point the blame mostly on factors related with the game. However, my observation has been and still is why on earth a player triples his BR and stays there to lose it all and some more! I could almost guess that almost all losers lose primarily not having a framework of tested and developed in the heat of fire of the game a set of GUIDING QUALITIES. But of course they blame the dealer got hot! This is happening with big bets every weekend at the casinos I frequent. I simply call this doing it to yourself. I could write a book on this subject alone.

Let us then condider on the most important subject for WINNING AT BJ and that is THE QUALITIES REQUIRED:


Briefly, let us look into each of this and the IMORTANT framework they can provide for your BJ gaming.

1. SELFCONTROL: refers to control of one's emotions or actions by one's own will. This is important as if you are not able to control your emotions you may end up affecting your actions. The game is a roller coaster and without selfcontrol you are prone to act inconsistantly especially if you are weak in other areas too.

2. DISCIPLINE: refers to controlled behaviour or rather training that is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior.

3. PATIENCE: refers to ability or quality of being patient or capacity of CALM ENDURANCE. This is an important quality and very much needed to take it temporarily on the "chin" as the game unfolds.

4. PERSISTENCE: refers to tenacity, or perseverance. This must not turn into obstinacy and nullify your flexibility.

5. FLEXIBILITY: refers to capability of being bent or flexed. It is an important quality for the application of strategy.

6. BALANCE: refers to power or means to decide and is very much needed for a realistic Money Mangagement.

7. PERSPECTIVE: refers to help you to assess the gaming situation for that specific session or period of time as compared to your previous experiences and see the situation in long term view or perspective. This is needed for strategy and money magagement.

The above Qualities if mastered through the crucible of casino action would make you a formidable player.

Of course we will connect the above with clear cut objectives (may be differences in this) tying our game strategy, money management, pattern recognition (or counting systems if one is comfortable with), and timeframe.

The player who is guided only by systems will be exposed to the vagaries of the game. Playing long hours in order to chase big money or to recover lost money will most of the time lead to losses especially one is not aware or dismisses the importance of the QUALITIES listed above.

Now, let us consider some comparisons of BJ in widely heard or most known activities such as Driving, or Space Shuttle project.

It appears that if we take Driving as an example, it would be most understandable to a large number aspiring BJ players and fans. Even though the similarities are different, we can make some sense of what are we talking about. The Driver is like a player and his objective is to go from point A to B. This like introducing a goal in your game. He wants to reach point B. Without such a goal it would be like somebody Driving without a destination. One cannot say the goal is winning. That is just NOT ENOUGH. You have to have clearly defined objectives to guide yourself. The Car driven can be taken as the Game of BJ. The Car is complex and along the road without the appropriate attention you may end up with car trouble unless you have plans for action to take care of such possibilites. We may liken the road to conditions that either help a smooth drive or impede progress or stop it altogether. You can change your road if it is unusually bumpy (by changing tables, or stopping for rest or whatever) or hazardous to your safety. This example may be simplistic but easy to explain the later tactical and strategy related moves and pattern recognition that I use. You may come up with your very own strategy. The game of BJ is one of constant change and players being at different levels of knowledge and experience cannot adopt the tactical and strategies used by others.

In conclusion, if you are serious about WINNING AT BJ, then you have to put your effort in improving any or all shortcomings in the personal QUALITIES department. The alternative is that you will be a part in the unfolding of the game that is surely handing yourself to a rough and tough financial roller coaster ride with little chance of winning.




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