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Re: One card counter's perspective

Posted by JJ on 26 May 1998, at 11:32 a.m., in response to Re: One card counter's perspective, posted by Bootlegger on 25 May 1998, at 9:21 a.m.

Bootlegger, I should add to my earlier post that several months ago in one or two posts you said the samething about money management that it was longterm like the way you take goals, winning, strategy. Also you said that MM is the style of negative expectation players. Of course all these are in the longterm file as you have found COUNTING.

But I am interested how you do it. Can you tell us the mechanics of how you manage to be among the elite 1% of counters? You must have some tricks or whatever (oh no! voodoo?) when so many of the important factors that we mortals have to follow are not important to you and are in the longterm file only.

The picture I have of you is one incredible "know it-all" or topnotch artist (sorry! I must call you with the right label - counter), that knows how to select the best casino, the best rules, the best EV, the best penetration, the best table and soon he is counting, and counting. Then the count goes up, Bootlegger places his high-spread bet (10-1?) and bingo! he wins! If he loses, that goes in the longterm file. But he does keep records and goals, MM, strategy and wins are in the longterm file. Am I wrong? Tell us the real thing!

If you are coming to the west coast (say Reno) let me know. I like to see you in real action and not only in smooth prose on the internet.

Good luck short term. That way the longterm may take care of itself.



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