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Re: WINNING AT BJ - Chapter 3

Posted by JJ on 26 May 1998, at 1:14 p.m., in response to Re: WINNING AT BJ - Chapter 3, posted by Michael Dalton on 25 May 1998, at 9:26 a.m.

The question is again and always on RESULTS. I don't care for your scientific bit as there is nothing scientific in your attitude. You are frozen and blinded in counting. The attitude itself is not a winners attitude. But you say you are in the 1% league.

You have already said it several times and loudly, "I have made up my mind, do not bother me with the facts"; and, the sad thing is that you have quite a few lost souls and/or followers (the 99%?) using many handles to post junk. Just take a look at the junk posts that followed WINNING AT BJ - Chapter 3. That must keep you happy and going... little moderator with a history of censorship, the happy leader of the limited and losers (99%). But why not to ignore voodoo posts such as mine? I thought you labeled me, opened the Voodoo Board to stay out of it. Why do you need to comment negatively and act like the 99% club. Do you have any fiber of moderation and respect? Do you have any integrity? Can you diffrentiate the junk from the good stuff? I already have heard you and the chorus several times...

For goals and strategy, you must go to Bootlegger and look into his longterm file. But wait, I forgot that you belong to the same 1% club. The rest (99%) are may be your students or followers...

My next WINNING AT BJ (draft) most probably will be titled HOW I USE GOALS, STRATEGY, PERSONAL QUALITIES & TIMEFRAME. But as you suggested I am having second thoughts about revealing them. Instead, I may have to skip those Chapters (another reason: I may publish a book on the same subject) and go to Chapter 6 instead. In Chapter 6, if I feel right and time permits , I may show how to develop player goals, strategy, etc. for the experienced BJ players (2000 hours or more of play)only. Unfortunately, not too many intelligent posts are made at this this website. Do you wonder why? Is it the internet? Or the winners are doing their thing and do not care a whit for the BS coming from way down below? Is that something you do not think about?.. as long as you have your 99% and then it is business as usual. Most probably, it is the limited and closed nature and attitude that is hurting this website. What do you think? Only the beginner and the inexperienced would accept such one dimensional teaching! Giving free valuable lessons learned from 38 years of experience would be a waste of my time. I am a highly paid person to have accepted this challenge and what for?. Why would I accept teaching in an elementary school? You may do that for money my friend. It is your choice. Summers are very active in my business with high reconstruction activity and schedules. Right now contract related work is sitting at my desk waiting for my action. The audience here at your website consists of mainly detractors, and elementary level BJ players and their posts say it loudly. Please do repeat again that contrary what I think my ideas are welcome. THAT CERTAINLY IS NOT MY EXPERIENCE. You would hear soon the same clamor in response to this post.



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