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Your ideas are welcome...

Posted by Michael Dalton on 26 May 1998, at 8:59 p.m., in response to Re: WINNING AT BJ - Chapter 3, posted by JJ on 26 May 1998, at 1:14 p.m.

This post is absolute nonsense (in my opinion of course).

Who ever said that results were not important? I certaintly didn't! I wouldn't be playing this game if I couldn't make money at it. OK, lets say your RESULTS are great. HOW DO YOU GET THOSE RESULTS? What playing guidelines do you use? You still haven't come forward with this information. If the only proof you have that your system works is "your" experience at it then only a fool would follow it unless you can explain "why" you are winning. Only an idiot believes in the "short-run" and we call them gamblers!

The comment about censorship is a outright lie! I have never censored a word you have said on the Voodoo board. Of a matter of fact, it was because of you and Robert that I created this board so your comments could be heard. All of the boards on BJRnet are "moderated", which means if someone posts something obscene, non-relevant, or unscientific they WILL be deleted. We believe in science and math here my friend -- not astrology and witchcraft.

Sorry, anything you say on this board is open game for comment, criticism, or praise -- even comments on the Voodoo board. I've only promised not to delete your comments here. If your system is valid it should stand up to the highest of criticism.

I now see your motivation for your rantings since you have commented about possibly writing a book. That's OK. Do you plan on publishing it as fiction or non-fiction? If you label it as non-fiction, you better have your facts straight. I assume that you will now say that we MUST wait for the book to come out to get the MEAT of your system.

And yes, your comments ARE welcome! Let's debate -- for the benefit of everyone listening. I have to admit, since you started posting the traffic on BJRnet has increased substantially! Please don't leave. I haven't had this much fun on the net it quite a while.

PS - Just so everyone understands: When we say that probably 1 in 100 card counters* probably have what it takes to be a success it means nothing more than let's say all the high-school students who take biology with the hope of becoming a doctor. Humm, that might be 1 in 100 too! Get it! Probably not... I forgot this is the Voodoo board.

* Remember, it can take about 5-10 minutes to become a card counter. That's the approximate time it might take to remember a count and for a person to count down his/her first deck of cards. It takes a lot more practice and effort, however, to become "skilled" enough to beat the game. Card counting is simply the underlying mathematically proven "tool" we use. What is your "tool"? We still don't have a clue.



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