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Midnight Sky Hellfire Thunder

Posted by Zombie on 26 May 1998, at 11:54 p.m.

Come to the Shanpwel.

We'll call upon the Bete Sereine. But first, eat the Concombre Zombi.

Do you have the Ti Bon Ange? Do you have it in you? Look my Whiteyes and speak. Wete Mo Nan Dio.

Take my step. Walk with the Undead down the path of Blood in the Bizango. These are the Rada drums.

The Moon looks down. You are ready to Mange Moun.

Summon the Pwin, for Good and for Evil. The Paquets Congo protect you. And I'm your Sentinelle.

In a minute the Ogoun will join us...


The Undead

[This an excerpt from 'Post Modern Blackjack', a work-in progress to which afficionados of these pages shall be privileged to have occasional access.]



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