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Re: Robert

Posted by JJ on 27 May 1998, at 6:29 p.m., in response to Re: Robert, posted by Michael Dalton on 27 May 1998, at 5:10 p.m.

While not codoning Robert's use of foul language, I want to point out just for fairness sake the initiator of all this was a post by T-Hopper or Michael Dalton with "Re: Now You're Making Robert and JJ Look Bad" to a very stupid and meaningless post. I believe this other post may have been initiated by the individuals named using another handle to create the situation (like in the film Network) above to throw dirt on Robert and JJ. Now in order to clear this matter, both gentlemen, for the sake of fairness should explain in detail the whole thing from A to Z. Who was the author of the stupid post? Where did it originate from? The times of the original post and the dirt throwing posts on Robert and JJ? If times were too close to each other why were they so? Any corelation? Why to use such titles when thereare already bad feelings. Is it not such dirt like throwing fuel on fire? Did the author of the dirt throwing title was not aware that similar events went the same way? What is the role of a Moderator in such situations (if not instigated by him)? Is it to push more dirt with larger shovels or try to stop the problem in its bud with some skills in human relation? We need answers. Well, if there will be no serious look into it, we must be told so. This is good material for my book! I would very much appreciate knowing ALL the details.

Michael, I have been informed (via E-mail) by a good friend of yours that you a are an honorable person and I agreed with him that I thought so too.

Please for the sake of restoring the diminishing respect I have toto this website, let us see you investigate and let everybody hear what happened? I want to learn that my suspicions are not justified. I really would like that the running of your website is above board in all respects. Differences of opinions are always and will be there as long as there are people on this planet. Let us not forget that the framework or the system/this website should be kept above all (Do you agree Michael?)discussions, beliefs, science, voodoo, or whatever label anybody wants to stick on anybody else. But please do not play dirty! It is base, it is below the belt, and mostly hurts the uninformed, the impressionable and the student who wants to learn.

Thank you for your efforts in advance.




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