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Last chance to act like gentlemen, JJ

Posted by Cyrus on 28 May 1998, at 12:10 p.m.

1 JJ

A few days ago, I invited you to debate counting. You responded by doubting if I can argue rationally and with an open mind. You may be right. So, I'll go the extra mile and lay open my ground rules:


  1. In everyday life, I believe in what can be proven, scientifically and/or empirically. While I intuitively believe that Man may have many untapped psychic and mental powers, I'd never wager my gambling money on the basis of such a belief.
  2. The current canon is what we have, until proven wrong. What we believe today to be self-evident or the last word on science, tomorrow turns out to be no more than some naive fallacy. But any theory that holds water today, with our present tools, is by definition the only basis we have for human work, in all fields.
  3. I hate orthodoxy. I'd be the first to gleefully welcome a rebuttal of all the established rules of BJ counting.
  4. I'm with the underdog. Meaning, I detest the way a majority usually gangs up on a dissenter. (Besides, the only money I've made betting is with perceived underdogs...)
  5. I find the holier-than-thou, arrogant attitude sometimes adopted by people in the know quite insufferable. I hate arrogance.
  6. I joke a lot. There's a funny side to most everything. Or so it seems to me. So don't take any of my silly, little jokes as anything else than innocent jesting.


Fair enough? Now let's move on to Blackjack.

My views are on that little post linkmarked below. What is your response?


Cyrus, the socratic

ina nutshell...



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