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Re: Last chance to act like gentlemen, JJ

Posted by JJ on 28 May 1998, at 11:58 p.m., in response to Last chance to act like gentlemen, JJ, posted by Cyrus on 28 May 1998, at 12:10 p.m.


I do not know you in person except for the words and Titles you have chosen to use and in my opinion we should both avoid further discussions. I have more confidence in you even now that face to face we would do much better then on the internet.

Your new Title "Re:last chance to act like gentlemen, JJ" preceded by "Re: Stil waiting... (but not holding my breath) in which you said "...but you come on as unwilling to confront rational argument, preferring to divert the issue to personal matters." I asked from you to give examples but never got any reply. I appreciated and found some humour in few of your ground rules. Your post made it so dramatic and finalistic. Hey, we are talking about gambling! Should we sign a declaration of human rights before we open the discussions and how about the band playing the national anthem! Boy, it is my last chance! What to expect next?

I found your new Title a little harsh for the exchange of ideas. And you have your ideas planted deep based on your text and choice of words and presentation. Furthermore, the statements "So, I'll go the extra mile and lay open my ground rules... I believe in what can be proven, scientifically...The current canon.. .etc." are quite interesting. However, in my opinion, it would be a waste of our time to go on with it . We both have our reasons for doing what we do. Had we met in person, you may have found that I would be sympathetic of your experience assuming there were no previous posts and the chosen words.

You should know that I respect whatever your choice in playing the game in your style. But I expect equal respect for what I do. On the internet, I have no choice but to go by the written word, and evaluate the other person on the basis of titles and words. Itt is an imperfect medium. And we are all subject to misreadings, misinterpretations and misunderstandings. C'est la vie.

It was when I was communicating with Michael Dalton that you made your comments, mostly concise and in courteous manner. I thanked you for that courtesy. At that point, it was over for me as far as your part in that hot discusion . I was not thinking of further dialogue on that subject with you. However, several days later, you came up with your "Still waiting... (but not holding my breath) post indicating as if I owed you an answer that you had been waiting for. Well, for your information, I did not have a clue of your waiting let alone the not so friendly "but not holding my breath" part. Originally we were not in direct communication for you to expect even a coutesy post! Usually I do not respond to detractors but yours was different and thought that it deserved a thank youpost.. Obviously from your message it was a completely different understanding and expectation by.you. Otherwise how to explain the title and the content that was quite different in splirit and expression that the first one. You must be aware that I do not owe you anything no matter how strong your belief may be in counting or anything else. As far as counting, If you can make it work for you' that is what counts. It is not what JJ or others think about counting that matters. Good Luck.


If it is working for you than it is good. My point is what matters is the results. There is much more that is required for successful gaming in BJ. What counts really is a balanced approach and a lot of hard work.



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