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Discovery, Discovery, Discovery !!!

Posted by Bozo on 12 May 1998, at 12:14 p.m.

I am please to announce the greatest development in blackjack history. A simple yet extremely powerful system that is unparalleled.

I requires no counting or other fake methodology that requires the use of our limited number of brain cells. It can be learned in about 1 second. It requires no bankroll yet it produces winnings in the thousands. It is extremely quick, it produces result in a few seconds unlike counting which requires you to spend hours at the table. It allows you to play any number of decks without any loss of effectiveness, no more concerns about penetration and other mambo jumbo. Casinos will fear you, but there is nothing they can do to stop you. Best of all the system is free!!! That is right it is FREEEEEE. You see Iím so sure that this system is the best there is/was/will be that I simply ask you to try it. If it is not everything I say it is you owe me nothing, but if you make lots of money please send me whatever you can spare.

So without any further delay here it is: Walk into any Casino, find the nearest table to the exit, grab the tray preferably when it is full with chips and run like hell.

WAIT!!! I know what you are thinking "oh man Iím fat , old , canít run etc." Well there is still hope. Because the great inventor that I am, not only did I develop the greatest method of beating Blackjack but I also developed machines to help the mentally and physically disabled.

Klingon cloaking device: $9999.99 FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING!!!!!!! Though somewhat expensive it pays for itself on the firs trip. Imagine yourself walking into a Casino without anybody seeing you. And should there be a malfunction you can duck your head under a chair or table and the emergency unit will be activated.

Supermanís Cape: 5999.99 Free Shipping This device allows you to fly in an out of the casino at light speed. If you order now you will receive a free video to teach you the in and outs of flying at light speed. Your choice of colors.

Einstein Rx: 99.99 Free shipping. These tablets make you extremely intelligent. But you have to be careful with them because others might get jealous of your brain power and tell you that you are nothing but an idiot (just ignore them you know better). It is recommended to take these tablets one hour before putting your brain to work just like Viagra. But this unlike viagra will increase blood flow to your head.

Thatís all for now.

Sincerely, Bozo (the inventor)



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