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Posted by JJ on 14 May 1998, at 9:57 a.m., in response to Re: WINNING AT BJ - CHAPTER 1, posted by Robert on 13 May 1998, at 7:30 p.m.

Hi Robert

I am not doing it for others but for myself. In about a years time I will be free and intend to make more time to play BJ.

I have never put down in writing the results or experiences of my adventures in BJ over so many years. I want to have something like a MANUAL that can be used as a REFRESHER. Besides the game of BJ is a constant challenge to maintain and use your Qualities that are most important in winning in BJ (re Chapter 1).

Also do not forget that all those who may label or make fun, either they are novices or full of inflated egos. I believe, the ones that pooh pooh these important qualities are the real losers. But time and experience will one day make them remember the Voodoo or the Witch Doctor... I would not be surprised also if they are learning even now under the disguise of spurning the author.

You know in the process of their education some people take the attitude "TEACH ME IF YOU CAN!" But still they learn. People learn at different paces. Just to give you a compliment, your maturity is happening at a much faster pace than many of the people I have observed or communicated withat this website. Some of these people are PRETENDERS, some others are "GREAT PRETENDERS". Just stay cool and act calm and collected. This is in itself needed if you are seriously interested in WINNING AT BJ.

Good Day




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