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No problem, let's move on

Posted by Cyrus on 29 May 1998, at 10:48 a.m., in response to Re: Last chance to act like gentlemen, JJ, posted by JJ on 28 May 1998, at 11:58 p.m.


Thanks for the post. Your observations on my ramblings are welcome and I'd say pretty accurate. I'm ready to accept the blame for any perceived rudeness in attitude. Let's put any misunderstandings behind and move on. Since, in the immediate future, I donot foresee meeting you in person, as you mention, I'd suggest that we pick up this thread of communication that we have established and see what happens.

I have already put forward the same old tired canons of card counting, which seem to work for me. Since we are all here to exchange ideas and since I in fact welcome anything new and original on any subject, especially Blackjack, I'm ready to hear some details about your approach to this game.

In the end of your post you hint that "what matters is the results. There is much more that is required for successful gaming in BJ. What counts really is a balanced approach and a lot of hard work".

Believe me, this is very intriguing stuff! I'm most anxious to have more details. And I'd be more than happy to contribute my views on what you have to say. Could you please elaborate? Who knows? This damn counting may be just hype in the end J. After all, I just lost a whole session bankroll 'counting' while the rest of the table made just fine playing hunches thank you! Your good luck wishes are not helping me yet...





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