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Re: An Internet Interlude

Posted by jpdave13 on 29 May 1998, at 1:31 p.m., in response to An Internet Interlude, posted by Bootlegger on 27 May 1998, at 8:16 p.m.

What a great post!!

I would only like to add the following:

Card counters use extensive simulation data to validate their WINNING methods.

Just once I would like to see some VOODOO system seller give supporting simulation data for their overblown claims.

There are real casino shuffle simulators out there.

Has anyone ever performed a real world shuffle simulation of any of these non-card counting methods???

Real shuffles can be prgrammed with all the bells and whistles, pick sizes, interleave, riffles, strips etc etc.

Any one of the voodoo systems could be simulated completely, including table entry and departure and any money management and progressions that are built into the system and it doesn't matter which system it is:

Target 21 Blackjack 101 Precision Blackjack Clump Card Blackjack Power Numbers Blackjack NBJ WCB etc etc etc

Why Oh Why do we not see this Data???

SIMPLE, If it has been done and I assume it has, THE DATA DOES NOT SUPPORT the sellers Claims. Plain and simple. OR the seller does not have the mental faculties to program the simulation and thus has nothing to offer.

I rest my case.




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