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WINNING AT BJ - Chapter 2

Posted by JJ on 14 May 1998, at 11:44 a.m.



The reason I have come to love BJ is that it has given me the opportunity to improve my personal qualities. Being a natural born warrior, I have survived early childhood poverty, hardship and great instability of environment and surrounding.

BJ seems to give me an intellectual replay of my early difficult life that I have overcome successfully. When I found the game of BJ, over the years, through thick and thin, it taught me by hardship that if you develop what it takes to overcome difficulty, then you will enjoy victory and a sense of fulfillment. Without a real and difficult challenge, we fall into disuse and eventually into decay, intellectually and physicallly. The real problem in BJ are not the CARDS, it is YOU, PLAYER.

To the inexperienced and non-discriminating, the above may not make too much or any sense. And, that is life and reality. Actually to a lot of one-dimensional, addicted or limited thinking people, there is not see the connection of personal qualities with the game of BJ and still enjoy their BJ game, that is their choice. To me, without these qualities and strategies (in later Chapters), it will be like exposing myselff open and defenseless to the roller-coaster nature of the game. "He who does not plan in life will become part in somebody else's plan" in life and BJ gaming. As this effort of self improvement is difficult and time consuming, casinos will always have the edge on 99.9999% of BJ players. Things related with the game itself and such as BS, advantage games, counting systems, progressions, and rules and limitations imposed by the casinos, are nor the real cause of the LOSSES by the multitudes. It is because they are not PREPARED in the important department of personal QUALIFICATIONS AND WINNING STRATEGIES in order to get the job DONE! Is it not that the same IS TRUE in the business world? Who wants to give you a job and a salary if you are not educated, qualifed, licensed and experienced in any of the professions? Yet people are chasing the non-essential parts of the BJ game and there is an industry and so called experts to teach the unwary to count cards, advantage games, systems, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, people are being mislead into details and leaving the substance alone thereby missing the forest for the tree! No amount of knowledge about the details of the game such as math, systems, etc. dealing with the cards can accomplish much without the QUALITIES and PREPARATION you bring to successfull BJ gaming.

My 38 years of BJ gaming, and even though that is a lot of BJ gaming experience, IS NOT VALID if applied to gambling and the cards alone. The game has changed very little over those years and has little bearing on WINNING AT BJ without THE GROWTH AND IMPROVEMENT OF MY QUALITIES and the STRATEGIES developed as a result of those long years of experience. I hope this makes clear to understand that if changes need to be made, the imprtant changes to make will be on the PLAYER QUALIFICATION side and the REST of the question dealing with the BJ game or the cards are relatively easy to learn and minor in importance.

Personnally, I regard many years of playing BJ as a loss of time and money if it had not been for the improvements of my personal qualities and the development of the strategies based on my experience.

If you are seriously interested in WINNING AT BJ, then I recommend you to come up with a printed list of the qualities required and grade yourself everytime you play BJ. This way you can pinpoint the qualities that need improvement and test yourself how well you perform everytime you play BJ. That was the way I have done in the later stages of my gaming. You need not waste time and the earlier you start, the faster and better your chances will become in WINNING AT BJ.




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