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game has changed very little in 38 years ?

Posted by gehrig on 14 May 1998, at 1:12 p.m., in response to WINNING AT BJ - Chapter 2, posted by JJ on 14 May 1998, at 11:44 a.m.

others have also played this game since the early 60's. i started after reading thorp's first book. do you state that the casinos have not instituted any procedure changes to reduce exposure to skilled attack ? the game protection procedures alone, to reduce cheating, have been substantial. these include: deck design (bicycle, bee), cut cards (rather than permitting the player to handle the deck), chained shoes, discard tray, covered discard trays, red discard trays, now enclosed-covered- red discard trays, hole card readers, new shuffling procedures (shuffle tracking/ace location/warps), new advise/permission dealer calls (black action, color coming in, etc.), pitstiff training (one or two currently popular counts are required for game supervision), dull surfaced checque trays (previously were shiny !), prohibition of most items placed on the layout (food, certain drink containers, purses, books, newspapers, lots more exclusions), many dealer uniform limitations, significant player tracking (player rating cards, mtl's, ctr's, "suspicious activity reports"), major enhancements to surveillance tools (no more catwalks with guys eyeballing games with binoculars). these just off the top. the quality of the game has changed as well, generally not better. caesar's game (built in mid-late 60's) was 4 deck, $1 (real silver dollars were common in play), das, surrender, 1/2 deck cutoff. used to sit for hours at a time with 1-10 spread and no heat, nada, zip. castaways used to welcome counters... some of the dealers were counters..no hassle as long as you didn't get too greedy. remember the cortez... MANY times, the dealer would run out of cards...shuffle up to complete the hand. strip rules: sd, s17 was standard on the strip; i'd shop for a das, surrender, resplit a's, maybe a bonus game. horseshoe (when benny was about), christmas week: snappers, $5 or less wager, paid 2:1...place was always full when the rest of the town was quiet. i think the game has changed.



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