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Posted by JJ on 2 June 1998, at 5:16 a.m., in response to Check this, posted by scabb on 29 May 1998, at 11:55 p.m.

This is normal entertainment on these Boards all supervised and encouraged by the management.

To me, most of these posts say more about the authors than the person they are directed to (Robert). Making of fun of Robert's poor command of the English language has been going on for several months now. There is no better demostration of internet junkies in action, if you have been reading all the posts (litterall dozens or more) hounding Robert incessantly.

In fact, as I responded sometime ago to somebody (I guess the poster wanted me help Robert not go out of line and said that some people believe that it is JJ using the alias of Robert). I responded and told the poster that my sympathies were with Robert as I am normally for the underdog when there is gang action. But you are dealing with people of a different set of values. I believe Robert's intelligence is above the average intelligence exhibited on these Boards in the last couple of months. But I should add that he must be overly sensitive, young and inexperienced, and probably has a quick temper.

Nothing justifies to gang up against one poster. That is almost like gang murder in real life. Only that this happens to be the domain of ideas. Without proper and strong "moderatorship" this may go on and on with the same characters doing it to anybody who does not share their ideas (addiction?).




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