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Re: No problem, let's move on

Posted by JJ on 2 June 1998, at 12:04 p.m., in response to Re: No problem, let's move on, posted by JJ on 2 June 1998, at 4:13 a.m.


Sorry, I have to clarify the first sentence of my 3rd para in the previous post:

"I already told you that IF you are winning (at least for about 10 years or 2000 hours) then you must be playing right." Wouldn't that be the ideal way to go? Unfortunately that is not a reality in BJ gaming. And, as you and I know that the written words are the only thing we have on the internet, the need to better understanding a clarification is called for.

As experienced and knowledgeable players, such as you, could have probably concluded, what I wanted to say, winning within the parameters of BJ gaming. That is to me, if you win 55% of your sessions, while plugging your losses at a predefined level, with net result of about 30% profit per year, then I take you as a winner. Of course others may have different definitions of winning. That is a Goal related question and depends on the player and his approach to BJ gaming after several years of real casino gaming experience.




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